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Blizzard Delays Flights at the North Pole

Blizzard Delays Flights at the North Pole 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Blizzard Delays Flights at the North Pole

We live at the North Pole. We’re used to bad weather.

I would also remind you that Santa is a master sleigh pilot. He drives the world’s largest, heaviest sleigh and they are powered by the most elite force of reindeer known in the history of sleigh flight.

I tell you that only to buffer the comments I’m about to make.

This winter storm is packing hurricane force winds of better than 100 mph. The temperatures have dropped to near 5 below and white out conditions have pretty much even stopped movement between buildings here at the North Pole.

Those brave sleigh pilots attempting to launch empty sleighs with untested reindeer are have a dickens of a time out there. I’ve seen sleigh after sleigh blown over on attempted take offs. They have actually resorted to filling the empty sleighs with snow to give them a little more weight, hoping it will help them to get off the ground.

All this has caused backup and delays at the sleigh port. At this point I just hope they clear all those guys out of there before Santa shows up with the Big Sleigh.

Here’s the latest from radio news:

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