Santa Brings Elves to the North Pole

Elves to the North Pole

Hey! Merry Christmas!

Are you enjoying listening to Kringle Radio?

It’s a little gift from Santa for you. It’s one place you can come enjoy a commercial free during these busy days before Christmas.

It’s also a great way to get more North Pole News. And right now there is more news than we have time to publish here on the website site or on the radio.

And the news will only get busier.

We’ll cover the big news for you.

Right now there is a lot of shuffling going on. Elves from the North Pole are leaving, in some cases, for field assignments in different areas of the world. These are ambassadors, spotters, trainers, coordinators, managers, and other support personnel.

But others are coming in from other areas to help out. For example, we have some ranch hands coming to help with reindeer support from places like Norway and Argentina.

We’re very excited for a new class of chefs that have volunteered to cook for the elves working so hard in the workshop and in the Wrapping Department right now.

And, speaking of the workshop, we have whole crews of new workers coming from warehouse operations in China, Brazil, and Canada. They will be a big boost to us over the next couple of days.

So we have a lot of coming and going right now at the North Pole.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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