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Millions Volunteer to Help in Elf Service

Millions Volunteer to Help in Elf Service 1

Preflight NewsMerry greetings!

In the hours since it was announced where we stand with new recruits to become trackers for Santa the North Pole has been contacted by countless organizations offering to help.

A company in Tennessee has offered to shut down their auto repair shop for the next several days to lend a hand at Santa’s workshop.

Another group from Sweden offered to close down their furniture making operations to help build things at the North Pole.

Mrs. Kemp’s 3rd grade class in Ohio has offered to skip school for the rest of the week to come help wrap presents.

A Boy Scout troop in Florida will doing anything from shoveling snow to delivering cookies at the North Pole and a truck driving company in Idaho has offered to fly sleighs for Santa.

We have thousands of such offers and we really appreciate it.

But Santa reminds you that he needs elves more at other places around the world than just at the North Pole.

To become an elf in general service, please see the links at ElfHQ.com.

To become a Santa Tracker tracking Santa for Santa, please signup at SantaTrackers.Net.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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