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Flight Command Quietly Passes a Milestone

Flight Command Quietly Passes a Milestone 1

Preflight NewsOvernight the North Pole Flight Command center quietly passed a very important milestone in Operation Merry Christmas. They passed the 72 hour mark until Santa launches.

The world at large starts tracking Santa once he is in the sky but honestly a bunch of other stuff has to happen in the days leading up to that point. That’s what the Flight Command Center is dealing with right now.

It is called the “pre-flight” stage and they explain it over on their website. You should check in on Flight Command’s website frequently from here on out. They will have a lot of information we just don’t have the time to share here.

If you are really curious about Claus flight or want for some reason to knows the ins-and-outs of tracking all the activity that the Flight Command Center is involved with we encourage you to visit there often over the next several days.

We will, of course occasionally share stories but they have more data than we have room to keep here. Technical stuff, you know.

It’s getting closer!

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