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Workshop Gets Busy Fast

Workshop Gets Busy Fast 1


Let the work week begin!

The lights were on and elves were back at work at 2am local time as the final push in this week of Christmas begins at the North Pole.

Elf Bernard and his team in the workshop quickly organized all the elves returning to work and began to discuss shifting elves from other departments to help in the workshop.

Some elves are very excited to help in the workshop.

Elf Denton Barney, an elf who usually works as a snow plow driver at the North Pole, plans to ask for an assignment in the workshop after his regular shifts working snow removal.

“I’m going to hopefully work the model train department,” Denton said. “I love trains and have many of my own. Making new trains for kids who might get them for Christmas would be a lot of fun this week”.

Elf Bernard doesn’t know yet if he can accommodate such special requests. He needs to see how the train department is doing before assigning elves to it. He said that he frankly knows of big needs in the video game department especially to help package new systems and software.

We don’t know how they will work all this stuff out but they are trying to organize it right now as we speak.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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    This ia a merry christmas for you and your elf’s and love all of you guys love aveann bender.

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