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North Pole Falling Behind

Production Down

Happy Monday!

We’re trying our best to be positive today. But the news is pretty rough.

In a production meeting very early this morning it was revealed that what was once a promising season has now become a challenge.

Santa’s Workshop is officially behind their goal.

That makes every other department suspect too, because so many other departments depend upon the workshop staying on their game.

But the Bah Humbug virus has reduced the level of elf hours by a significant total – and you just can’t take that many elves away without affecting things.

But there is no reason to panic.

Santa called in to the meeting. He stressed the positive news. He reminded us that many of the elves who first got sick are now starting to return to work.

He reminded us that we still have just under two weeks to get the job done.

He told us the challenge will be great but that the goal can still be met.

Here’s to better news to report in the days ahead.

Elf Ernest

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