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Sleigh Pilots Sign Up for Christmas Eve Duty

Santa Chimneys

Hi everyone!

It’s a quiet Sunday here at the North Pole. Normally a day off this time of year is pretty rare but Santa insists on it right now.

He says that getting rest and looking after our health is the most important thing. With this virus going around I’d say everyone here is taking it pretty seriously.

We were all set today to talk just about chimneys and why Santa goes down them. It seems to be something a lot of people are talking about. Well, at least according to the mail coming in to the North Pole.

Santa uses chimneys because they are convenient and unsuspecting — and quiet! When Santa lands on the roof of a house it is simply easier for him to get in through the chimney. If he has to go through a door or a window he has to open it. That makes noise and takes time. Chimneys are usually open and are virtually silent. Chimneys just make it easier for Santa to move quickly.

If you want to understand more about Santa and chimneys click on the player below to hear what Crash Murphy said on the radio news about the topic. He’s seen Santa go down chimneys more than any one.

But there is another thing everyone is talking about now, too.

A late afternoon phone call yesterday from Santa to elves working in Flight Command resulted in an usual request.

Santa is asking that all trained and certified sleigh pilots – including those recently graduate from flight school – sign up for added duty during the hours of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day when Santa is in flight.

As you know there are plenty of sleigh pilots already part of the North Pole Air Force who regularly fly in support of Santa and Operation Merry Christmas.

They serve in a variety of capacities – everything from special rescue missions to weather observance.

But this call is different.

This is asking for MORE pilots – thousands more – to fly all those sleighs that Santa had arranged to be constructed over the summer.

This is resulting in a change of a variety of staffing assignments all over the North Pole – and it is coming at a time when there are just not many elves working.

In fact, elves here were talking about where Santa was going to find enough qualified pilots to fly all these sleighs if so many of them are already down with the Bah Humbug Virus.

None of that seems to matter to Santa. Elves are signing up. And the staff at the Tracking Center is trying to figure out not only how they will keep track of all these sleighs in flight but also how they are going to get them all launched when Santa wants and needs them.

We have a feeling Flight Command is going to be crazy busy in the days and weeks ahead.

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What if theres a fire in my chimney on christmas eve

what about if we light a fire and the fire is out but the wood and ash is still really hot and same Noof ”what if there is a fire in my chimney” because me and my dad light fire’s afton