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You Don’t Want the Bah Humbug Virus

Bah Humbug Virus

Hey everyone! Happy Saturday to ya!

It is a busy weekend here at the North Pole. There’s only about two weeks left. Yikes!

Mrs. Claus is holding a little meeting for all the elves who are well enough to attend who are not working. She’s trying to teach good habits during cough-and-cold season.

The best news we got today was that some of the elves who first came down with the virus a few days after Thanksgiving will be returning back to work on Monday.

Santa, of course, is NOT at the North Pole. He spends these weeks before Christmas meeting with children all over the world. He’s healthy, just so you know.

But we expect him back early next week for at least a few hours so he can hold some last minute meetings.

I’m not sure what he’s thinking but I think it is fair to say that Santa wants to make sure the Workshop gets back on track.

And I hear he wants to check out his new sleigh.

It has been out for testing for weeks now in various parts of the world by flight engineers who are trying to make it “just right” for Santa’s Christmas flight.

Please take care of yourselves and say a prayer for those who aren’t feeling well to get better soon!

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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