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Wrapping Department Hit Hard By Sickness

Wrapping Dept Sick

Hi everyone!

The Wrapping Department has been working all year to improve their efficiency.

As Elf Crash Murphy has told us, they have a difficult job because their work is usually the last step before a present gets loaded on the sleigh.

Those guys and gals in wrapping have to work fast and under tremendous pressure, especially that last week or so.

That is why the news of the Bah Humbug Virus hitting that department so hard is so devastating.

Now – a lot of elves will tell you that over the years they have moved into the Wrapping Department during the last week before Christmas just to help out.

Even I have done it.

And we’ll do it again.

It certainly isn’t their fault this has happened.

We hope our fellow elves in Wrapping get on the mend soon!

Elf Ernest

Wrapping Department Hit Hard By Sickness 1

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