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1 Month Until Christmas

One Month Until Christmas

Merry Greetings and guess what? It’s only 1 month now until Christmas Eve!

Hearts are just soaring today at the North Pole.

I cannot tell you how happy people here are to know that Santa is safe and on the job.

Rarely have I seen so much enthusiasm at the North Pole as I do right now.

Everything just feels right. We had a great Thanksgiving, every department is ready, the North Pole looks great, the reindeer are busy training, and things are just lining up for a fun, fun time this year.

And Santa’s workshop? They are busy like crazy today. And the toys are just pumping out of there at an incredible rate. Elf Bernard says he’s never seen as fast a start as he sees this year in the workshop.

We cannot wait for Christmas!

Tomorrow we begin the final countdown – the start of Operation Merry Christmas.

I’ll give you the full report then.

Elf Ernest

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  1. ElfChristmasCookies1234
    ElfChristmasCookies1234 says:

    today is my birth day I just caught a loose dog and returned to the owner ,do elves on the shelfs come to the north pole?

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