Big Thanksgiving Plans


There is a festive feel to the air here at the North Pole. The snow is lightly falling, all the new Christmas decorations are up and there is the smell of stuff baking in ovens all over the village.

The guys in the Weather Center say the weather for the Elf Parade tomorrow should be clear but a little cold. That should be perfect.

After the parade everyone goes home for a break and for the traditional family time of Thanksgiving.

We celebrate Thanksgiving here much like people do in other parts of the world. There is lots of food and lots of family everywhere.

As soon as it gets dark the whole community gathers over at the steps of Town Hall where there is a big switch set up to turn on all the Christmas lights at the North Pole.

It is a favorite moment.

Then we all walk around looking at the lights and displays for hours.

The only thing missing from all this is Santa. We STILL don’t know when he will be home.

Elf Ernest

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