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New Sleigh Pilots Ready for Duty

Flight School

Hi all!

Good news! The first graduating class of sleigh pilot flight school is now ready to report for duty.

More than 200 elves volunteered to take flight school and every one of them hopes to be able to pilot one of the many thousands of sleighs Santa has had constructed over the summer.

“I don’t care where I fly or what I fly in, I just want to fly on Christmas Eve with Santa,” said Elf Kade (call sign Tinsel).

His attitude seems to be similar to all the others that I talked to.

Of course, all these pilots have been trained – and more are coming in the weeks ahead – and all those sleighs have been built.

But that doesn’t mean Santa is going to use them THIS year.

Just keepin’ it real elves. We can never really tell what Santa is up to.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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