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Santa’s Workshop Off to a Fast Start

Santa's workshop

Hi everyone!

I was just over at Santa’s workshop and saw Mrs. Claus meeting with Elf Bernard. She is very happy with how things are going over there and Elf Bernard seemed to be thrilled with the congratulations that Mrs. Claus gave to him.

Elf Bernard is kind of a funny guy. He’s a little grumpy now and then and we don’t see him smile much. But he was smiling today.

Santa’s workshop has a huge job, as you know.

Part of what makes their job so hard is so many kids change their minds about what they want for Christmas.

If you know what you want, it helps Elf Bernard and his elves in Santa’s workshop if you tell Santa want it is that you want.

Santa reads all that mail, makes lots of lists and those lists kind of become production orders for Elf Bernard and his team.

So the earlier you give your final wishlist to Santa the easier you make it for Elf Bernard and the elves over there in the workshop.

Please send in your wishlists early.

Click here to do that.

Elf Ernest

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