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Halloween at the North Pole


Happy Halloween!

It is a big, happy day here at the North Pole. Halloween is a day off for us as we get to prepare costumes and, of course, there will be the big North Pole Halloween party later tonight.

Several of you have asked about the annual Halloween food fight and if it will be held again at the North Pole.

While this is not an official part of plans for the party I can tell you that when I was over at the village rec center, where the party will be held, I did see them lining up water hoses and draping plastic sheeting over parts of the building.

So I’m thinking they are expecting a food fight later tonight.

The food fight usually comes towards the end of the night when the costume contest is over. It’s not really a fight – it’s more like a really messy game of elves who throw cupcakes, pies and messy food at each other.

It’s all in fun and all participate. You know things are about to get really crazy when someone shows up with one of those giant squirt guns filled with things like punch or soda or something else that is really sticky.

But before we get to the food fight there are games to play and, of course, the long parade of great costumes.

I’ll tell you all about it tomorrow.

Elf Ernest