Believing in Santa Claus

Belief in Santa

Ask CrashMerry Greetings!

Another great question today for Elf Crash Murphy asked by Josh in Melbourne (Australia! — Thanks, Josh!).

Josh very sincerely asks, “How do I make other kids believe in Santa?”

That’s a real concern. Many kids feel picked on when they tell others they believe in Santa. Some kids actually bully other kids for believing in Santa. It makes it so that sometimes some kids never tell others about their belief in Santa.

Nobody knows this kind of thing better than an elf.

When I travel the world and people ask me what I do I tell them, “Well, I’m an elf and I work for Santa”, they look at me funny. Many just don’t believe me. It is hard not to be a little hurt by that.

Crash talks about this good question. I think you all should listen to it in the player below.

Elf Ernest

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  1. McKenna
    McKenna says:

    Never told anyone I believed as a kid because I knew I would get picked on because Santa is “fake” and “juvenile”. Tsk tsk

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