Does Norad Really Escort Santa?


Ask CrashHowdy!

Elf Crash Murphy received another flight question today, this one about military jet escorts on Christmas Eve.

This is a really good question and I’m glad that Craig in the UK asked it. We get this question quite a bit for some reason.

Santa’s flight on Christmas Eve actually gets seen by a lot of people. We document those Santa sightings right here on Christmas Eve every year as part of our coverage of Santa’s flight.

But it is true that a lot of different aircraft try to be in the skies at the same time every Christmas when Santa is. That is kind of dangerous and one of the many reasons Santa has his own Santa trackers. There just cannot be enough eyes looking out for Santa’s safety on Christmas Eve.

We hope as you listen to these questions and answers from Crash that you consider joining the Santa effort and think of becoming an elf. Santa can always use more elves.

Elf Ernest

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  1. Sophia
    Sophia says:

    ElfChristmasCookies reporting for duty!

    Elf erenst,

    One of my friends said theres a new merry prankster agin is that true?

  2. Lady, Donna Royce
    Lady, Donna Royce says:

    I have been tracking Father Christmas on the computer with NORAD since 1995 and I have talked with people at NORAD and I KNOW that those people track Father Christmas and have jets in the air to make sure he is safe. I call NORAD every year at about a week and then the day before Christmas to make sure we are all on the same page and ready to go. I am 60 this year and I KNOW that Father Christmas is as real as we are and NO ONE will EVER shake my faith in that. NEVER!

    A very good man that I was so lucky to get to meet and spend four or five hours with in April of 1966 gave me three hard and fast rules that I go by to this day. (1) “You are to call me Uncle Walt (YES! Walt Disney.) from now on.” (2) “STOP GROWING UP RIGHT NOW!” (I was nine years old at this time. One day before my tenth birthday.) “You will grow old, you can not get out of it.” “BUT! You do not have to grow up inside where it counts!” (I am STILL nine years old inside thanks to Uncle Walt!) (3) He caught me pointing to something with my index finger and he kindly told me “Do not point that is rude.” “Use the index and middle finger together or the whole hand to point at something or someone.” (If it was good enough for Uncle Walt, it is good enough for me.)

    To this day, those rules have stood me well and I will NEVER give them up. My Uncle Walt taught them to me and thanks to him, I can STILL believe in things, places and people that most adults CAN NOT believe in anymore! I can still hear the bell. THANK YOU UNCLE WALT!

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