Ask Crash: Can you see the Northern Lights from the sleigh?

Northern Lights

Ask CrashGreetings everyone!

Elf Crash Murphy may spend more time on a sleigh in the skies around the world than any other person besides Santa. He has simply been everywhere and seen everything that you can see from a sleigh.

So he is the perfect person to ask about the Northern and Southern Lights.

People in many areas of the world can see these green lights in the skies if there are certain conditions present. Most of the world does not see these lights because you have to either be very far north or very far south to see them.

But Crash has seen them and in this question from a fan he talks about those lights and what he does when he sees them.

You’re not going to believe it.

Elf Ernest

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. Northern Lights

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  1. Elf Sophia says:

    Elf Sophia Reporting for snow and almost 4 feet on Christmas in elkins wv usa! Make sure to tell crash and santa and also crash does santa make pit stops at houses and mess up secerity camras??

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