3 Months Until Christmas

Three months to Christmas

North PoleHappy Fall Greetings from the North Pole!

It is just three months until Christmas!

The nights have become frosty here at the North Pole and we have already had a lot of snow.

The seasons are definitely turning.

Despite what I wrote last week the mail still keeps coming in to the North Pole about Santa and where he is.

Some seem to think that Santa is kind of old and can’t take care of himself on a trip like this.

Others think that Santa is sort of fat and too out of shape to be taking a journey on foot.

Let me dispel some of those thoughts.

Santa is younger than you think and he is actually in excellent shape.

Hard to tell with that big heavy red suit you see him wear so often.

It is tough to report this but I cannot tell you right now where Santa is.

You see, we haven’t heard from him since he left.

He could be anywhere by now.

He said he would be traveling on foot. But eventually he is going to run into the ocean or have to cross a big empty area where getting to another place will require getting on a boat or taking a plane or something.

But we haven’t heard from him yet to know if that has happened.

I can tell you this. The guys in the tracking department are going crazy.

It’s their job, you see, to keep track of Santa but for this trip Santa just wouldn’t allow it.

Santa said he would eat by making friends. He said he would find shelter by building it, if he needed to.

He said he would get clothes and supplies and the things he needs by working for it.

Santa knows how to do all this stuff.

But he said his purpose in going wasn’t to test his skills of survival or even friend making.

Santa said he wants to see the real world from the ground. He wants to meet with people everywhere to see how they live, hear what they think about and talk about what they know.

He was kind of excited to take such a trip. Even if Mrs. Claus wasn’t too happy about it.

The tracking department, after about a month decided that with Santa nowhere to be found it would be good training to send trackers elves out there to see if they can find him.

So far nobody has spotted him.

I’ll keep you posted if we get any news from him. Meanwhile, we’re proud today to launch the first radio news report of the season from Kringle Radio. You can hear it through the player below.

Elf Ernest

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