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Questions from Santa Fans Pile Up

Questions for the North Pole

Questions for the North PoleMerry Greetings!

Here at the North Pole we’re always making lists of things. Last night we got to talking about the questions kids are asking these days about Santa and we decided to make a list of the most common questions that are coming in.

This is being driven by several factors: the search for Santa going on via the Flight Command Center, the new feature coming out soon about asking things of Elf Crash Murphy, and, of course, the ever forward-moving countdown to Christmas.

So what is it kids want to know? Here’s our list:

1. How do I become an elf?

2. How can I get to the North Pole to see the elf parade?

3. Can I have my own elf?

4. Why doesn’t Santa answer the phone in his office?

5. Have I been good and how does Santa know that?

6. Will Mrs. Claus write me a letter?

7. Does Rudolph talk?

8. Can I fly with Santa on his sleigh?

9. When will Santa get to my house?

10. When will Santa come back to the North Pole?

A few of those are old questions that we have answered before. Some of those questions you can find answers for just by visiting our website more often.

But some of those questions will no doubt make it on to the list of Elf Crash Murphy and he will starting answering this questions come the 24th of September.

Until then, keep the questions coming!

Elf Ernest