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Anyone can Call Santa

Phone Santa

There seems to have been some confusion about Santa’s phone number. Some mistakenly believe that the phone number was just for elves.

That phone number is for anyone. You can call Santa at any time.

His number is toll free — 866-847-2682 (or, as we like to say here at the North Pole, 866-84-SANTA).

This is the phone in Santa’s office (he does NOT carry a cell phone).

The chances of you actually catching Santa in his office are pretty rare (especially now with him away from the North Pole).

But Santa welcomes messages from anyone.

In fact, Santa receives any type of message by way of his office phone. Some call just to say hi or Merry Christmas.

Others call and leave their wishlist for Santa. Some even just call to leave Santa a song or something. It does not matter — Santa loves to hear from you!

So, don’t be shy. Give the Big Guy a call today.

Elf Ernest

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  1. Byron Allen
    Byron Allen says:

    For Christmas all I want is for my family to get along for the rest of our lives, an awesome airplane, to have a pic of Santa, an Air Hogs Helix Race Remote Control Drone, and a Helix Sentinel drone.

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