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Elf Parade Committee Finalizes Plans

Elf Parade

The Annual Elf Parade Organizing Committee held their final planning meeting late last night and settled on the theme “We are Santa’s Elves” for the 2017 event. The parade is scheduled for November 23rd this year.

The annual elf parade is a traditional event at the North Pole that usually takes place about a month before Christmas. It is one of the biggest events each year at the North Pole.

The parade runs along a 5-mile route that starts along Sugar Plum Avenue and crosses over to Santa Claus Lane before coming down Candy Cane Street in downtown North Pole Village. Elf families usually start lining the parade route two days before the event.

The parade features floats made by nearly every department at the North Pole as well as the world famous Elf Parade of Trikes, a tradition began many years ago.

Elves love to ride their custom made and festively decorated tricycles in the parade if they have not been invited to participate in a department float. The parade of trikes is now the largest feature of the parade with more than 1300 registered participants.

Elves will decorate their trikes and wear crazy costumes as part of their trike exhibition.

As usual we will offer some radio coverage of the event right here on Santa Update.com.

We do remind elves working in remote positions around the world that they are invited to travel back to the North Pole for this all-elf event. Please contact the Tracking Department for shuttle sleigh availability or fill out the form available online for you at the North Pole website.

Elf Ernest