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Silence from Santa is Deafening

Silence from Santa is Deafening 1

Hey everyone,

It has been almost 7 weeks since Santa left the North Pole.

He said he would be gone for a while. He told us we would not hear from him. He even said not to worry.

But frankly – I’m worried.

Do you see the countdown clock up there on the right? Can you see how little time left we have until Christmas Eve?

Can you explain all the strange things going on right now? The trackers out hunting for Santa, the sleighs being built, the pilots in flight training…this is all making me nervous.

But worst of all is this idea that Santa is checking his voice mail in his office…but he is NOT talking to anyone at the North Pole. Not even Mrs. Claus.

That makes no sense to me. It is almost like Santa is trying to avoid everyone at the North Pole on purpose. It is almost like he is daring the whole North Pole to go looking for him?


Time to have a serious talk with Mrs. Claus about Santa. Something isn’t right.

Elf Ernest