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Mrs. Claus Takes Command at the North Pole

Mrs. Claus

Happy Christmas in July Greetings!

Well the news is starting to sink in that Santa won’t be here for a while.

Today it was revealed that in Santa’s absence Mrs. Claus is going to be in charge.

That’s not unusual.

She’s in charge every year from Thanksgiving to Christmas when Santa is gone every year visiting children.

Mrs. Claus knows what she is doing.

But with Santa gone for who knows how long she will be far more involved with Christmas this year.

When asked today how long Santa would be gone Mrs. Claus said she did not know.

But she said she expected Santa to have his beard back before he returned.

I don’t know about you but speaking as an elf I can tell you it took me years to grow a beard.

I sure hope Santa can get it done before Halloween.

Elf Ernest