Rumors Swirl of a Difficult Season Ahead

Crazy Christmas

Christmas in JulyHey everyone!

Every time Santa holds one of these big meetings we have to put up with all kinds of rumors.

Right now the rumor is that it is going to be a crazy Christmas season in the months ahead.

I don’t think so. In fact, I think Santa called the meeting so it wouldn’t get crazy.

So get that out of your heads right now. Things will be fine.

I’m certain of it.


Let’s get back to Christmas-in-July, shall we? We received a lot of email about Elf Frieda.

She’s fine. I talked to her this morning and her voice is coming back.

She is very famous at the North Pole now. Everyone wants her autograph. Already elves are betting that next year Elf Frieda will break the record.

I asked Elf Frieda if she was going to try. She said she never wants to hear Jingle Bells again.

We’ll give her a few more days then I’ll ask her again. I’m sure she will change her mind.

She is, after all, an elf.

Elf Ernest