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Santa Flies on Kringle Radio Again

Santa Tracking

Santa NewsGreat news, Santa Fans!

Over at Kringle Radio we will be replaying the broadcast of Santa’s flight around the world last Christmas Eve. That’s become a tradition here for our Christmas in July celebration. And it’s FREE.

Just come back right here on July 23rd and catch the broadcast in progress. We’ll have the link to listen in then posted.

It’s the coolest thing. Sit in a dark room with an air conditioner going, your Christmas tree up, your curtains drawn or shades closed, maybe put on a candle or get a hot mug of cocoa going — and then tune in to Kringle Radio right here and pretend it is Christmas Eve all over the world. You’ll hear it just as it happened last Christmas Eve, with more than 50 straight hours of music and breaking news.

Speaking of breaking news, the radio guys have a special announcement below for Christmas in July.

In other news, the Jingle Bells Singing Contest Continues. We’re into day #3 and we’re about 14 hours into it. We’re down to about 4 elves now. We might have a winner to announce today!

I’ll keep you posted.

Elf Ernest

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