Christmas in July Begins at the North Pole

Christmas in July

Christmas in JulyHi ho, everybody!

It’s a big day here at the North Pole – a glorious day! Today we drag out the decorations and the lights and we make it look like Christmas again at the North Pole. Even though it is the dead of summer.

Christmas in July is a great event. Everyone enjoys it.

It’s just like Christmas, just without all the work of toy delivery.

We decorate trees, we hang lights, we sing songs and we even eat some of the foods of Christmas.

We don’t have regular eggnog, of course, but we do have eggnog ice cream for Christmas in July.

And we don’t get presents but we do hang our stockings for Christmas in July. I found a sandwich in mine this morning.

You see, part of the fun of Christmas in July is that we get to do things we don’t get to do at Christmas. Like being Santa.

I know the sandwich in my stocking didn’t come from Santa but rather from someone who had fun being Santa for a moment. It was delicious and I appreciate it. I can’t wait to see what comes in my stocking tomorrow.

That’s part of the fun of Christmas in July. It goes for ten full days (so check back with us every day this month!).

Not even Christmas can claim that!

Elf Ernest