The Christmas Party is About to Begin

Christmas in July

Let's have a Christmas Party!Have you ever wondered what a Christmas party at the North Pole was like?

Now you can find out. Because it is party time!

Christmas-in-July is one great big Christmas party here at the North Pole. For the next two weeks we just go Christmas crazy.

We will be in full mode here on Santa Update. You’ll hear something from us every day.

You see, it is kind of a tradition for Santa to make some big announcements during Christmas in July. And those announcements always seem to shape the Christmas season ahead. In other words, the real story of Christmas 2017 is about to begin.

Remember how the Merry Prankster showed up at the Christmas-in-July picnic last year? What a story HE turned out to be, eh?

How do you think Christmas-in-July will affect the season ahead? You’ll have to be here to find out.

So tune in every day starting tomorrow and going all the way through the 25th of the month. It’ll be as much like Christmas as it can get anywhere in July.

Elf Ernest