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Sleigh Sightings Pour in from Canada and the USA

Tracking SantaSanta remains at a rest stop in the Azores. The reindeer are still resting too, but I’m told they are anxious to get in the air again.

Meanwhile, we have dozens and dozens of eye witness reports of sleighs in the skies of Canada and the USA. A huge number appear to be coming from the southern USA and northern Mexico — probably because of the weather and the better visibility.

“I’ve never seen an elf all dressed in black before,” said Mrs. Gertrude Weinstein of Athens, Georgia. She spotted a sleigh high above her home there. She was a little afraid because she thought the elf dressed in black was there to deliver coal because Gertrude admits to being a little naughty this year.

Hard to believe that some still think that Santa has a naughty list or still delivers coal!

Elf Ernest

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