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You Could See Santa’s Sleigh Today

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
You Could See Santa's Sleigh Today

Santa TrackingThere is a chance you could see Santa’s Sleigh in flight somewhere today.

We don’t know the exact flight plan for the final test flight of Santa’s sleigh. One this day every year, in the hours before Santa launches, the sleigh goes on one final test flight. This is the only time the sleigh is flown during daylight hours. Santa himself will not be piloting the sleigh.

We usually receive reports in-flight, so keep your ear tuned to Kringle Radio for the latest. In years past the sleigh makes one trip completely around the world in places where there are varying weather conditions.

Last year the test flight nearly crashed on landing. It landed on its side. Fortunately nobody was hurt and the sleigh suffered no permanent damage.

Elf Ernest

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