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Why You Need a Paper Map to Track Santa

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Why You Need a Paper Map to Track Santa

Santa TrackingThe Internet makes it easier to track Santa. But if you were to ask Santa how to best track him Santa would tell you to get a big paper map of the world and hang it on your wall.

A paper map gives you more freedom than peering into a screen on a computer or a tablet — or worse, a phone. A paper map will give you a better perspective about how the world really is.

In the old days, people used to listen to the radio and then mark on the map with a string showing Santa’s flight path. That method is still used in many homes, even though many others use the map like the one at Tracking Santa.

What happens if your power goes out? What happens even if your radio loses battery power? A paper map requires no power. So you can always see on it where Santa was last positioned. If you rely on just the Internet maps you stand a chance of losing Santa altogether if the power goes out for some reason.

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