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Santa Urges the World to Forgive

Operation Merry Christmas

Breaking NewsHi everyone!

The story of the Merry Prankster comes to a stunning end as Santa is urging all at the North Pole to “forgive and forget”.

The Merry Prankster has been identified as former Elf Charley who was previously employed as a light stringer in the Christmas Decoration Department at the North Pole.

Santa told us just a short while ago that Charley has some difficulties on the job and felt he only way of making those things right was to lash out as he did. He said that Charley is actually a good guy and that he will put Charley back to work soon in a new position working in the sleigh barn. Just what his duties will be or when he will start has not been shared.

“It’s Christmas,” Santa said. “And Charley not only doesn’t have a job he really doesn’t have a friend in the world. So I will be his friend. As soon as it is practical, I’ve offered Charley a new job and a fresh start. I hope all at the North Pole and around the world can forgive Charley and help him as he starts over.”

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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