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Prankster Strikes the Workshop

Santa's WorkshopHi everyone!

Tough news to report today: the Merry Prankster strikes again and this time his target was Santa’s workshop.

We knew it was coming. We just didn’t know where.

Around 3am while the workshop was changing shifts someone noticed a pink plume of smoke or fog coming in through the vents.

Thinking quickly, Elf Bernard shut down the sprinkler system so the workshop wouldn’t get the same kind of mess the Post Office did.

But it turns out that pink smoke or vapor was really just a diversion. While everyone focused on that someone – The Merry Prankster, we assume – turned all the machines on “high” and conveyors, tools and equipment of all types started running at the same time, making a terrific noise and creating a bit of a mess.

Of course, this caused Elf Bernard to have everything shut off by cutting off the power.

Needless to say all production in the workshop stopped.

When that happened a mocking, laughing voice was heard over the speakers.

And that was it. Security was called, they cleared the building, inspected everything and tried to find what they could before power was restored and everyone got back to work.

In all, more than 9 hours of production was lost and Elf Bernard was not happy about it.

Lots of meetings being held right now about this Merry Prankster problem. They are working very hard to catch this guy.

Elf Ernest

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  1. chelsey
    chelsey says:

    we should keep our eyes out he will proubly strike soon he has gone way to far santa might be next

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