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Prankster Swaps Reindeer for Goats

Tracking SantaHi everyone!

Another big surprise today courtesy of the Merry Prankster. Today he replaced Santa’s reindeer for goats.

Now, Santa’s reindeer are just fine. He moved them from their usual position in Santa’s Stables and put them in pen almost a mile away.

But Elf Victor had the surprise of his life when he got there this morning. Gratefully, Elf Victor is a very talented animal talker and the goats told him where the reindeer were.

In fact, between the goats and the reindeer, we know more now about the Merry Prankster than we did before.

Elf Victor was about to get Donner to talk a lot about him.

First of all, the Merry Prankster is a boy.

And – Santa was right – he is also an elf.

Donner sent chills down Elf Victor’s spine when he told him the biggest surprise of all: nearly everyone at the North Pole knows this elf.

Elf Agent X is working with Elf Victor to interview more of the animals to get more information. Maybe we can catch and stop the Merry Prankster soon.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

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4 replies
  1. Anna Nonemous
    Anna Nonemous says:

    It’s Santa! The Merry Prankster is obviously Santa. Be sure to let Santa know that I know his little secret!

  2. Tiffany Gwinn
    Tiffany Gwinn says:

    It can’t be Santa. Donner said he was an elf and NEARLY everyone knows him. That means not everyone does, so it can’t be Santa.

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