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Who is the Merry Prankster?

Operation Merry Christmas

Tracking SantaHello again!

Santa today held an emergency meeting with top staff members to discuss the Merry Prankster situation.

“Here’s what we know,” Santa said. “We know he is one of us – an elf. How else could he do what he does? So far, he is only targeting elves and elves alone. He hasn’t said one way or the other how he feels but he clearly wants to disrupt things for us. If it continues, December is going to be a difficult month. We have to find out who he or she is!”

Santa thinks the Merry Prankster is taking things to a dangerous level. His antics at the North Pole Post Office, Santa said, are proof enough that he has some sort of problem with the work of the North Pole.

Santa really wants to figure out who this guy is and stop him from doing any more damage.

Elf Ernest

Operation Merry Christmas

Who is the Merry Prankster? 1
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Who is the Merry Prankster? 2
Who is the Merry Prankster? 3
Who is the Merry Prankster? 4
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  1. Triniti Dale
    Triniti Dale says:

    I think that you guys should have a camera or a sticky trap to try to stop the prankster!

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