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What Mrs. Claus is Really Like

Life as an ElfFor all the questions we receive about Santa we get nearly an equal amount of questions about Mrs. Claus.

I personally think that is a good thing. No, it’s a great thing. Mrs. Claus is, without a doubt, the secret behind the success of Santa Claus.

That’s why it is curious to me that the biggest question about Mrs. Claus is her first name. Kids ask that all the time.

My thought is, “who cares?” But that is just me.

The truth is this, and Elf Ernest has told you this many, many times: we just don’t know what Mrs. Claus’ first name is. She and Santa have never told us.

Santa always calls her “Mrs. Claus” and “Yes, Dear”. That is it. Maybe in private he calls her something else but in front of all of us it is mostly Mrs. Claus.

Mrs. Claus is beloved here at the North Pole. No, she’s more than that. She is the kind of person who walks into a room and everyone lowers their voice. She has what I call presence. Everything seems to rise to her level when she comes into a room.

Mrs. Claus has beautiful white hair. It is long but I’ve never seen her wear it down. She always wears it up. Sometimes it is in a loose bun, and sometimes she just gathers it to the back of her head in a fancy way I just cannot describe. Her hair is very striking – it shimmers.

Mrs. Claus does not like to be noticed. She does many things here at the North Pole and she is as active as Santa in all that we do. But she does it with as few words as possible.

She is very, very smart. Santa says that “Mrs. Claus is the real brains of the outfit” and I believe him. She just always knows what to do. Even Santa goes to her for advice.

If you were to ask Mrs. Claus what her role is she would tell you it is to make cookies and fix Santa’s suit. But don’t you believe that. She is everywhere taking care of everything.

Take the reindeer, for example.

Now, you all know that Elf Victor is the head of reindeer operations here at the North Pole. And he does a fine, fine job. He meets their every need and they love him.

But Mrs. Claus is over at the barn all the time, checking on the reindeer. She can tell just by looking in their eyes if one of them is coming down with something. She never misses a day of checking on them and Elf Victor knows never to get in her way.

None of us ever do. If Mrs. Claus is coming your way you better be ready to answer questions. She will have a billion of them. That is her particular talent. She doesn’t attend a single meeting and she doesn’t have to. She is so good at asking questions that she finds out everything that is going on very, very quickly. Nobody messes with her.

If she has ideas about an elf’s job or if she thinks something is wrong she will never tell us. She always talks to Santa. Santa never admits that Mrs. Claus tells him things but we sometimes can tell when things change that Mrs. Claus has given him her opinion.

Mrs. Claus has very high standards and she expects everyone else to have them too. You would never hear her say a bad word. She is always dressed perfectly, not a hair out of place. She never yells. And she can say things with just the look on her face. Everyone wants to please her.

Mrs. Claus is a worrier, I will tell you that. Every time Santa flies she gets concerned. She doesn’t stop him and she doesn’t even say much to him. But I can tell just by looking at her that she is concerned. I think they call that love.

Some of the girl elves around here think Mrs. Claus should be more visible as a leader at the North Pole. Some even say that SHE should be the one flying around the world every Christmas instead of Santa. In fact, they held a meeting once with Santa about it and he thought it was a good idea.

But Mrs. Claus merely shook her head. “A lady,” she said, “doesn’t need to show everyone her crown. A queen commands just by who she is.”

Boy, is that true. In my opinion, Mrs. Claus can do anything. Anything! But she chooses to do what she does very quietly and often, without people knowing about it.

I know some things. I can tell you stories about the wonderful things Mrs. Claus does for people. But she won’t let me. She is just that kind of lady.

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Mrs. Claus has something that is becoming rare in this old world: true class.

Yes PREACH it so true.