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Santa Celebrates Canadian Thanksgiving


ElfHello everyone and to our Canadian friends especially we wish a Happy Thanksgiving!

Santa, as you well know by now, just loves the Thanksgiving holiday. He thinks it is the most important holiday on the calendar and he is glad that the Christmas season begins with a celebration of Thanksgiving.

So he’s in Canada today with family and friends getting ready to celebrate there. He and Mrs. Claus go every year and greatly enjoy themselves.

Meanwhile here at the North Pole I noticed something today I haven’t seen before. The local police department were out with trucks with what they call “cherry pickers” – this is equipment that allows them to access high places like the tops of trees and light poles and such.

No, they were not hanging Christmas lights. They were installing more security cameras.

I heard a rumor they are working on a sting to catch the Merry Prankster. They are really worried about what that guy might do next.

Elf Ernest

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