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Tracking Department Mum on Big Plans

Tracking Department Mum on Big Plans 1

16-13Hi everyone!

As September ends everywhere here at the North Pole the signs of Christmas getting closer are evident.

Every department here at the North Pole is pushing to meet their annual goals, just so they can be fully ready for the stretch drive to Christmas.

But to me the most interesting thing is happening in the Tracking Department. They have started to have closed door meetings and everything they have planned is “hush-hush”.

That could mean that Tracking Santa this year is going to be more fun than ever.

A lot of kids write to us saying if there is one place they want to see at the North Pole it is Santa’s Workshop.

But if I were a kid I would want to see the Tracking Department. That’s a really cool place.

They have huge TV screens on the walls and giant maps everywhere. They have a direct line to just about anywhere in the world and on Christmas Eve — whoo, boy! –– it is just the place to be.

So I’m excited to hear what they have planned. It looks to be an epic year.

— Elf Ernest