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North Pole News Department Hiring New Radio Voices

su2015-40Hi all!

Just 90 days from right now the North Pole news department takes over Kringle Radio and begins their annual Tracking Santa show.

It is a world wide effort that takes a big team of elves to pull off.

We station elves all over the world to not only report on Santa but also they report on what Christmas is like out there and how people respond to Santa visiting them.

This effort has steadily grown over the years and we have decided to hire a few more elves to help voice the news this year.

Yes, Elf Crash Murphy will be back in his position as the North Pole Eye-in-the-Sky reporter and others you know and love like Elf Holly Berry and Elf Red Stocking and Elf Rusty Belz will be returning.

But there will be new voices this year as well.

We can’t announce them yet. They are still interviewing and auditioning new elves for the jobs. But there will be at least two new radio voices added this year.

Stay tuned! We will be making more announcements about them shortly.

Elf Ernest

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