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Doors Glued Shut at the Sleigh Barn

16bHappy Friday Greetings to you!

Another day of weird things going on at the North Pole.

Today Elf Quinton and his team of sleigh designers had a hard time getting to work over at the sleigh barn.

The doors were glued shut.

It was supposed to be a big day, too. They have been testing several new designs for Santa’s sleigh this year and today they were going to do some races.

But they couldn’t get inside the barn, no matter what they did.

One of the elves from the workshop had to come over with his ax and chop the door down.

Of course, we KNOW who did this – it was the Merry Prankster.

We just don’t know who he is.

He’s sure going to be in a lot of trouble when he gets caught.

— Elf Ernest

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