Santa’s Big Reindeer Donner

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North Pole Podcast
Santa's Big Reindeer Donner

cij7If ever there was a reindeer that is a mystery, it’s Donner.

Donner is a big, big reindeer. He does not say much and he almost never smiles. He talks only to Santa and no one else. He’s like a statue. He won’t even blink if you stare at him. He concentrates hard, he works like a dog, and he cannot be diverted from his mission. He’s a rock.

Because he is so serious many people get a little scared of him.

But both Santa and Elf Victor insist that people misunderstand Donner. Santa calls him a “gentle giant”.

Donner is so serious because he is honorable. He considers it his life mission to work for Santa and to help deliver Christmas. He absolutely does not want to fail.

Santa says that if he is ever in any danger that he wants Donner to be in charge. Not an elf. Not another reindeer — but Donner.

That’s how much Santa trusts him.

And yes, kids write in all the time asking: is Donner really Rudolph’s father. The answer to that is yes. And believe me, even though Rudolph is now an adult reindeer in his own right he knows his father is in charge and he does whatever Donner says to do. He respects Donner greatly.

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— Elf Ernest