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Meet Santa’s Reindeer: Cupid

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Meet Santa's Reindeer: Cupid

cij6Today we talk about Cupid.

Cupid is very popular among the other reindeer. He likes to be with other reindeer and to be friends with them. He seems to be at every gathering, every picnic, every party. He is a planner and a doer. He loves to visit, to laugh, to sing and to be together with other reindeer.

Santa gave Cupid his name because he is a matchmaker. Knowing that most reindeer are shy Cupid does his best to introduce reindeer to each other. He’s got quite the reputation for knowing which reindeer should be together.

Cupid has special talents when it comes to sensing things. When Santa flies Cupid can tell long before anyone else if there is danger ahead. He can “read” the mood of a house and if something is amiss he will tell Santa there is a problem. He can “smell” fire and other dangers. He knows if someone is sick in a house. He just has a very sensitive ability to tell when things are wrong.

So Santa depends on Cupid a great deal as he travels. He is a very special reindeer.

To learn more about Cupid, click the player below to listen to the report about him during last year’s flight of Santa’s sleigh.

— Elf Ernest