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Santa’s Reindeer: Meet Comet

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Santa's Reindeer: Meet Comet

cij5If there is one reindeer on Santa’s team that is just plain silly, it’s Comet.

Comet’s name would suggest that he is a very fast reindeer. And because he flies on Santa’s team he is indeed one of the fastest reindeer in the world. But he is not actually the fastest reindeer that Santa has. He got his name for another reason.

Most of the time, Santa names the reindeer himself. But Comet’s name actually came from his mother. When Comet was just a little guy he was prone to causing trouble. Not in a bad way, but in a silly way. He was always playing tricks on his siblings and, yes, even on his mother. One time he thought it would be pretty funny to play hide and seek from his mother. So he hid in the fireplace.

The problem was that there was a fire in the fireplace. His mother was looking all over the house for him and couldn’t find him. But suddenly he came sprinting out of the fireplace with his tail on fire — and he ran as fast as he could outside and buried his bottom in a snow bank. That was the first time Santa ever saw Comet run and he was impressed. He asked his mother for his name and she said she would call him Comet because “his tail was on fire”.

So Comet doesn’t get his name from his speed. He got it because he’s a joker and a prankster. To learn more about him, please listen to the radio report about him from last Christmas eve via the player below.

— Elf Ernest