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Santa’s Reindeer: Meet Prancer

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Santa's Reindeer: Meet Prancer

cij3Of the many girl reindeer on Santa’s team none is more important than Prancer. Prancer is a leader, one of the reindeer all the other on the team like to follow. She is also very, very friendly.

“Yes, she loves children,” Elf Victor said. “Santa likes to take her to many places because as far as reindeer go Prancer is not shy and she likes the attention. She loves to play and sometimes she likes to tease. Kids just love her. And Santa gets a big kick out of her.”

Prancer was given her name for a special reason. Take a listen to the report Elf Crash made last Christmas Eve about Prancer to learn why she has her name.

We did get a report from a fan last Christmas Eve who thought they heard someone singing on their roof. The truth of the matter is that they did — but it wasn’t Santa, it was Prancer! She just loves to sing.

Stay tuned — you’re going to learn a lot of stuff about the reindeer that will surprise you.

— Elf Ernest