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Christmas in July at the North Pole

North Pole Breaking News

14breakingnews4Elf Hugo reports that the North Pole Post Office has been hit with a bunch of email all asking the same question: what does the North Pole do for Christmas in July?

Let me answer that question for you: we celebrate it! Believe it or not, all month long we have something going on every day here.

You see, because elves work so much during the months of November and December the month of July is very important for them in terms of taking care of their personal Christmas stuff. Elves do a lot of their shopping, wrapping and preparing for the season right now during Christmas in July. It is a very busy time.

And yes, Christmas in July at the North Pole also involves enjoying a lot of what some people would consider as Christmas-time only activities. There is a lot of Christmas caroling going on, plenty of cookies being made, and even some work on their outdoor lights and decorations here at the North Pole.

Elves on the job also do a bit for Christmas in July, too. For example, here in the News Department we have special coverage coming for our Christmas in July activities.

Please keep your eye on SantaUpdate.com starting next week — in fact, Monday, July 11th — we begin special features here on SantaUpdate.com that run daily through the 25th of the month.

So things are most definitely a bit more active in July than other non-Christmas months of the year.

Elf Ernest