9 Months to Christmas Eve

su2015-3Happy almost-end-of-March!

It’s the 24th of the month and that means another notch on our countdown – there’s just 9 months left until Christmas Eve!

Yikes! Time is flying by.

While the work continues here at the North Pole we enjoy some recreational activities at this time of the year. You’ve heard of March Madness? Yeah, well, it happens here too. The elves are just bat crazy about basketball.

They love to play basketball.

This is the month of the big tournament here at the North Pole and all the games get televised on North Pole TV. It’s a big deal.

Of course, the games are only 8 minutes long and all the hoops are set to 5 feet. So, yeah, it’s a bit of a different game here.

Why only 8 minutes? Well, elves have a notorious short attention span.

If you think those games are short you should see how long we play tennis. Holy cow.

Santa wishes a happy spring to those of you experiencing that…and a happy fall to those that are going that way. May your days be filled with fun as we continue the countdown to Christmas.

— Elf Ernest