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Worried Elves Bet Against Santa

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Worried Elves Bet Against Santa


Every year the elves at the North Pole get into a playful round of betting with sugar cookies about the success of Santa’s flight. It’s called the Sugar Cookie Pool.

Christmas Eve marks the high point of sugar cookie consumption at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus and the kitchen crew makes the cookies by the thousands and in their nervous efforts to wrap up Operation Merry Christmas the elves eat them like crazy.

The more cookies an elf has in these hours during Santa’s flight the better.

So placing bets with them is serious business. An elf without cookies on Christmas is like, well, Santa without reindeer.

Right now, the bets are seriously going against Santa’s success this year. This is actually pretty normal for this stage in Operation Merry Christmas. Elves are a nervous and pessimistic bunch sometimes. It won’t take much to move the whole thing in the other direction.

Elf Ernest
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