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South Pole Checks in to Back Up Santa

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
South Pole Checks in to Back Up Santa


Most people don’t know about it but Santa has a tiny crew working at the South Pole too. They do a lot of work to support Santa’s flight even though they don’t have the teams of elves and the equipment there like the North Pole does.

But Santa swears by the advantage of having work locations available at the poles. He says it gives him strategic placement in case he needs to work any area of the world quickly. Most of his work is support by what happens from the North. But the south has a large warehouse and some communication equipment to make using that facility a big advantage to Santa. Don’t be surprised if some time during his flight we hear more about what is happening at the South Pole.

Elf Ernest
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North Pole Weather: -21 degrees F, *** Overcast, High Winds *** **BLIZZARD WARNING**
Where it is Christmas Eve: Guam, Yakutsk, Port Moresby, Brisbane, Vladivostock, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Port Vila, Majuro, Magadan, Suva, Wellington, Nukualofa, Kiritimati, Samoa
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