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Sleigh Bells Tuned for Launch

Sleigh Bells Tuned for Launch 1
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Sleigh Bells Tuned for Launch

For a couple of hours now the sleigh bells that are used on Santa’s sleigh have been painstakingly attached, polish and now are being tuned.

This is a very tedious process that requires close attention to detail. If you have ever watched an expert tune a piano you know a little bit about how it is done. Very careful attention is paid to how each bell is tuned. In fact, if Santa had the time and inclination he could play actual songs on his sleigh bells if he wanted to. That is how precisely tuned they are.

Why do they need to be so precisely tuned? The sleigh bells are kind of like another language to the reindeer. They keep the rhythm of the team. The reindeer listen to those bells as they fly. If one is out of tune it can mess up the reindeer.

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