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Nothing Fancy About Santa’s Suit This Year

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
Nothing Fancy About Santa's Suit This Year

While Santa’s sleigh is surprisingly low tech this year it comes as a surprise to many to learn that Santa’s suit likewise lacks much in the way of technology. It is still handmade by Mrs. Claus and with the exception of communicate devices built into Santa’s collar and hat there isn’t any technology to be found in the suit.

Well, that’s almost all true. Mrs. Claus does use material that is fire resistant. Santa, after all, has to go down a lot of chimneys. But there’s nothing high tech about that.

Some think that Santa’s suit is really hot. And while it does keep him warm in cold weather he says it is very well ventilated and that in warmer weather he wears cooling pads that allow him to work without having to change his suit all the time.

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