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North Pole Post Office in Chaos

North Pole Podcast
North Pole Podcast
North Pole Post Office in Chaos

There are few days like this at the North Pole. It is just pure chaos right now.

Elf Hugo tells me that millions of emails, faxes, messages, letters and even texts are coming into the North Pole at this hour from around the world.

His job is to handle all of them and to make sure they get routed to the right person.

Why so busy at this particular moment? Half the world is getting ready to celebrate Christmas Eve parties…and the other half is getting ready to go to bed knowing they will wake up to Christmas Eve days. Both moments are times when Santa is top of mind for kids — and when that is the case they send a lot of mail to the North Pole.

Elf Hugo claims that while it is chaotic it is under control.

Elf Ernest
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